The Ultimate Guide To Doing An Electric Panel Upgrade

1. Safety: is the foremost concern when installing EV charging stations.

It takes a mastery of both the charger and your home’s electrical infrastructure to install an EV charger safely. Without this knowledge, the installation procedure could go wrong and jeopardize the safety and functionality of your charger.


A significant amount of electricity is transferred into your car through your charger from your home or apartment complex. So, if it’s not built properly, there’s a potential that you and those close (your family, friends, or neighbors) could be exposed to this energy in a harmful way. Therefore, it’s crucial to pick an experienced, qualified EV charging station installer to reduce the risk of fire or electric shock.

2. Observance: Verify That Your Charger Is Completely Certified

You will also be assured compliance with national standards, such as wiring regulations, if you choose an expert EV installer. When an electrician completes the installation of an EV charger, they typically need to obtain certification from a government agency. This verifies that the installation was carried out safely and in accordance with all applicable national rules. A copy of your charger’s compliance certificate will be provided to you by reputable installation businesses. Having a compliance certificate may be required in some nations, and failing to have one could result in a fine, so be careful to confirm what is needed where you live.


This compliance certificate is more than just a consoling assurance of the dependability and safety of your installed charger. Additionally, if something goes wrong in the future, you might wind up needing it to be eligible for insurance claims. For instance, you should file a claim for the damages with your insurance provider if there is an overcurrent caused by the charger malfunctioning or a lightning-related occurrence. Without the compliance certificate, the insurer might decline to compensate you because there would be no way for them to verify that your charger was fitted and protected properly in the first place. Additionally, you could require the certificate to show that the problem is with the car, not the charger, if any problems with the EV battery emerge and you need the manufacturer to remedy them.


The certification of the installation is required if you’re seeking for a grant or incentive, which is arguably most crucial.

3. Price: EV charger installation costs should be calculated.

How much does installing an EV charging station cost?

It should be abundantly evident by this point that spending money on a reliable, knowledgeable installer is worthwhile. It’s an investment in safety and legal compliance for everyone around you as well as for you, your home, your automobile, and other nearby objects. According to our experience, the starting price for a quality installation by a qualified electrician is roughly €700, though the precise amount can vary depending on where you live and the particular technology needs of your home.


The price of the cable and, consequently, the entire installation expenses, will depend on how far your fuse box is from your parking space or driveway. Therefore, your neighbor’s installation expenses will be higher than yours if their parking space or driveway is 50 meters from the fuse box and theirs is 10 meters away. That’s not just because more cable needs to be run, but also because rules require the installer to utilize larger-diameter cables across longer lengths for further protection, which results in additional costs. Don’t forget that the majority of your installation charges will be labor-related. Each of the installation-related factors listed below, such as particular cabling needs, could also result in higher labor costs because your installer will need to adjust.


In order to have a long-lasting, functional charger, it’s crucial to get this done by a certified installer.

Grants can be used to reduce the cost of installing EV charging stations.


In addition to expenses, it’s important to consider regional and local EV charging incentives. Many nations provide financial aid and tax breaks to people who want to install EV charging stations in their residences or on nearby streets. You might get compensated for 15% to 90% of the costs of your initial charge installation, depending on where you live. Check out our EU EV Charging Incentives Guide to learn about the programs that might be available in your native nation.

4. Services and experience: Seek specialized deals and comprehensive packages.

Look for installers with specialized knowledge of EV chargers.


When choosing an EV charging installation provider, other important factors to take into account include technician training and service quality. Look for businesses or electricians with specialized knowledge of installing EV chargers and the frequently confusing rules that go with it.


Be careful that even the most dependable and knowledgeable electricians might not be conversant with the rules and specifications particular to EV charging stations.

When possible, choose a smooth end-to-end service.


You don’t just want a business to install your charger and then send you off to figure out how to use it on your own, so be careful when choosing an installer. You ought to search for a whole service package. Some installers offer guidance on choosing a charger before installation as well as post-installation instructions on how to use your charger and any accompanying app or software. In order to obtain expert advice on which type of charger is ideal for your present and future needs, as well as comprehensive analysis of how to install your charger in the optimal way for your house and electricity cost, aim for an end-to-end solution.

For instance, you might be considering upgrading from your present hybrid car, which uses 3.7 kW of power, to a fully electric vehicle, which will need faster charging and more power in the near future. You can choose a charger and installation plan that works for your current hybrid car and could support your move to a new EV in the future by talking with the installation or charger firm. As a result, you won’t need to modify your installation infrastructure at all when it comes time to buy a new charger for your new automobile.

Brands of EV chargers are likely to have access to a group of specialists who are more knowledgeable than the typical electrician about how to install smart chargers. They can also provide you tips on how to use your smart charging app. This is significant since certain European governments have recently mandated that all brand-new private chargers come equipped with smart features.

Installing EV chargers is a wise investment for the future.

It might not be as cheap or easy to install an EV charger as you first thought. However, if you take the time to find the best installer for you, you may ensure a proper and professional EV charger installation and benefit in the long run. A good installation service may make all the difference, from ensuring that your charger is secure and complies with national regulations to actually raising the value of your property.

You should look for reliable, experienced electricians with specialized knowledge in EV charging station installation, whether you decide to go with a comprehensive package provided by your EV charger provider or employ a local electrician. Last but not least, locating the best installer that provides a full range of services will guarantee that you are covered for all current and future charging requirements. Call us at 720-619-3973.