DIY Home Electrical Projects You Should Avoid

One way to cut down on expenses is to do your own renovation work on your home. Being a DIY handyman can be very rewarding, and you can get a lot of satisfaction from completing different projects.


However, if there is one area of home renovation you should avoid doing yourself, it is the electrical aspect of a home. Working with electricity is risky even for professionals but they have the training to get the job done right.


#1. Repairing or replacing an electrical panel

This is not a job for your average DIY owner. You usually need a permit to work on this project and most good DIY owners do not have the training or the certification to handle this task.


#2. Replacing aluminum wiring
Copper got very expensive back in the 60sd and 70s. That is the reason many contractors switched from using copper wire to using aluminum wires for homes.

While replacing the aluminum wiring may seem straight forward, there are certain properties found in aluminum that make it very risky for amateurs to work with it.


#3. Altering or connecting power cables
No matter the task, you cannot alter, extend, or install power cables. Here are regulations that stipulate that only licensed electricians can do this work. Once it is done, then a city inspector will come by and make sure it was installed, altered, or extended correctly and done by a licensed electrician.


#4. Installing new switches
The tricky aspect of this task is finding the hot wire. But before you can remove the wires from the old switch, you have to shut the power off. That means remembering which wire is the hot one and which one is the ground. Not everyone can remember this difference.


#5. Installing a junction box
When doing outside electrical work, you need to follow the National Electric Code. This code establishes fire safety standards all electrical workers must follow. The code states that there can be no splicing of wires on the exterior of an approved building.

That means you have to set up a junction box and connect the wires at the terminals inside the box. This project is not meant for the home handyman as it requires skill, the right tools, and a lot of nerve.


Doing your own work at home is very rewarding and confidence-building. But when it comes to electricity, you have to watch out for the regulations governing this type of work.


It is very dangerous work because one mistake can shock you or cause a fire. If you are not comfortable with working with electricity, then it is best to hire a professional to do the work for you.


If you are comfortable with working with electricity, then continue to read our website and ask any questions you have about DIY electrical projects on your own.


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